Health Benefits Of Cardamon

Cardamom is among the most popular spices in India. This spice is used and loved in different parts of the globe. This spice has warm seeds which have an aromatic flavor which add a sweet, unique and floral flavor to drinks and foods. Besides, it is also used as a natural breath freshener and as a digestive aid. Cardamon seeds have powerful phytonutrients and trace elements such as manganese which are used in the formation of bones, connective tissues, and sex hormones. The following are the health benefits associated with cardamom

Eliminating bad breath

It is used as an effective remedy against bad breath or halitosis. You can chew its seed to eliminate any bad odors which might be coming from the mouth. In fact, cardamom is used as an ingredient in some chewing gums. Additionally, cardamom contains an active component known as cineole which has potent antiseptic properties. It is therefore used in killing bacteria which cause infections as well as bad breath.

Cancer treatment

Cardamom can be used as natural remedy for treating, inhibiting and reversing or delaying the formation of cancer. Cardamom powder can also be taken orally to prevent the occurrence of tumors. Research has demonstrated that cardamom has a strong ability to decrease azoxymethane –inducesd colon cancer. Besides, this spice is used in inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells as well as encouraging the death of the cancerous cells.

Lowering blood pressure

Cardamom is used in lowering the blood pressure. This is helpful in maintaining the general health of the kidneys and heart. Furthermore, this spice can help in decreasing the diastolic, systolic and the mean blood pressure when it is used consistently for three months.


It is used for providing relief to the individuals struggling with breathing issues such as asthma. It also exhibits bronchodilatory effects which are helpful in dilating the bronchioles and bronchi thereby decreasing the resistance of airflow to the lungs. Cardamom is used in making the breathing process easier which is the main goal for the individuals suffering from asthma.

Good for the digestive system

Cardamom was used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as a natural remedy for treating gastrointestinal disorders or issues such as stomach aches. The methanolic extract obtained from this spice is very helpful in controlling major gastrointestinal disorders including stomach lamps and acidity. The gastroprotective properties of this spice are also used in treating stomach ulcers which are caused by ethanol and aspirin.



Individuals suffering from diabetes have low levels of manganese. The high levels of manganese contained in this spices make it an ideal choice for anyone struggling with high blood sugar levels. Adding of manganese in the diet is considered to be a good idea for diabetics.

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